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Dave Hooper

Drummer, Web DeveloperDave started as the voice of "The Little Green Sprout" from the Jolly Green Giant Commercials.Dave has been building websites for about 15 years now.  "I primarily build sites for musicians though lately I've been focussed on Wordpress and Social Media, Blogging and eCommerce.  If you are looking to get some web work done, I'd be happy to help."
November 2014
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Music Services

Team Hoopkins specializes in Music Services, Web Design, Social Media Strategy, Music, Drumming, Sound Design, Recording, Health, Wellness, Anti-Aging, Yoga and more. Founders Dave Hooper... Read More
July 2014
Blastix // Dave Hooper - Traincars
  1. Blastix // Dave Hooper - Traincars
  2. MamaJam // Dave Hooper - Traincars
  3. Six 2 Eight // Dave Hooper - Traincars
  4. Traincars // Dave Hooper - Traincars
  5. Pong // Dave Hooper - Traincars